Resources for Writers

Directories of Authors:

If you want to get your name out for potential speaking venues, here are a few directories you might want to sign up for:

Helpful Advice

  • Writer Beware!: There are a lot of sharks out there in the literary ocean–the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America provides information on how to tell whether an agent or publisher is legit–and how to recognize the ones who aren’t.

Professional Organizations

  • The Authors Guild: Authors banding together to protect their rights. The Authors Guild also provides reasonably priced web hosting, legal services, and health insurance.
  • Historical Novel Society: Organization dedicated to writers and readers of historical novels.
  • National Writers Union: Solidarity for writers – Union reps will help you review your contract, file grievances if neeeded, get health insurance if you’re self-employed, and more. Also features a Job Hotline, Agent Database, and numerous informative publications on contracts.
  • PEN America: Advocates for literary and intellectual freedom and human rights, sponsors public literacy programs, writing awards, and assistance for writers in need.

Words, Words, Words Dave Wilton, author of Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends gives you the lowdown and debunks the myths about the origins of familiar words and phrases.

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