Themed Author Visits

Length: 45-minute presentation with 15-minute Q&A

Description: Similar to a general visit, but structured to address a specific audience (such as adult readers, writers, historians, teachers, teen readers, etc.) or theme (such as a conference, program, series, or celebration currently underway or planned by the hosting organization). Includes a reading, a Q&A, and a sale and signing.

Sample presentations:

  • A Child’s Life in 19th Century New England: What was it like to grow up in 19th-century New England? What sorts of chores did children have and what did they do for fun? How were their lives different from kids’ lives today?
  • The Author’s Life: What is it like to be a writer? How do you get a book published? What is it like working with editors and agents?
  • Fact into Fiction: How do historical novelists find all that information? And how do they turn it into interesting stories? Learn about the challenges involved in turning historical fact into historical fiction.
  • Life as an Indentured Servant: How did children get indentured? How long would a child have to serve? What were living conditions like for indentured servants in the 1830s?
  • Running Away to Join the Circus: Learn the backstage story of what circuses were like in the 1830s and how they grew into their present form. Find out about life beneath the Big Top when it wasn’t so big.
  • From Circus Tents to Shanty Towns: Find out how a novelist turns fact into historical fiction as M. P. Barker shares the research behind her historical novel, Mending Horses. The topics delved into while writing the book ranged from circuses to Irish shanty towns to the arrival of the railroad in Western Massachusetts.

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