Writing workshops

Length: 1 or 2-hour presentation

Description: Interactive workshops for writers of all skill levels who want to improve their writing, research, and revision skills and learn how to get published. Includes a reading, a Q&A, and a sale and signing.

Sample presentations:

  • The Rocky Road to Publication (one-hour presentation) – Learn how to get published, from researching editors and agents to writing a good query letter and dealing with rejection.
  • Researching Primary Sources for Historical Fiction (one–hour presentation that can be expanded to a two-hour workshop) – How can you use primary sources to bring realism to your historical fiction? Get tips on finding and evaluating the resources that make your historical novel come alive. In the two-hour version, you’ll have a chance to work with primary documents and discover what they can add to your own writing.
  • How to Build Believable Characters for Your Stories (one-hour workshop) – Having trouble creating believable characters? This workshop shows you how to craft well-rounded story people.
  • Self-Editing and Revision (one-hour presentation that can be expanded to a two-hour workshop) – In this how-to workshop,  take your manuscript from rough draft to polished prose.  Get valuable tips for mapping your story with charts and timelines, identifying and highlighting themes, and tightening up your manuscript. In the two-hour version, you’ll have the chance to practice what you’ve learned and receive input on your manuscript.

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